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Nordhavn prides itself on being the best. Our entire staff of dedicated employees – located throughout our eight worldwide offices and two factories – strives to achieve and maintain that level of excellence every day. We only need to hear the stories from our owners and see their proud faces to know we are doing a great job. But…getting recognized for our merits every once in awhile is also nice. So we were flattered to be honored with two awards this past month: a “Best of 2010” award from Motorboating magazine and the “People’s Choice” prize at last week’s San Diego Trawler Fest.

The prestigious “Best of” award was presented at the Miami International Boat Show February 10 in front of a huge crowd of marine industry movers and shakers. Motorboating editor-in-chief Peter Janssen said the company had been chosen because “Nordhavn creates the culture and allows their owners to do whatever it is they want to do, and to go wherever they want to go” whether that be traveling down the Eastern Seaboard with stops at every coastal community along the way or take on gigantic undertakings like Sprague Theobald’s navigation of the Northwest Passage last year.

Meanwhile in San Diego, hundreds of trawler owners gathered for the annual southwest trawler “symposium” known as Trawler Fest, presented by Passagemaker magazine. Dozens of different trawler brands were on show, but the overwhelming favorite was the Nordhavn 64 Sweet Hope. Said Nordhavn Southwest salesman Jeff Merrill who attended the show: “The People's Choice is especially rewarding because it is awarded by the boating public, nothing influencing them except their own unique impression of what most appeals to them.  Somehow this recognition seems to carry more weight than other honors we’ve received because these are the folks who will buy a Nordhavn, and not a committee of experts who are making decisions in a glass case. When it comes down to it, it’s their judgments we value most."

We’ve always said our customers have made us who we are. Without them, we are just a company with a bunch of stellar boats. It’s the way our owners use and enjoy their vessels that have put Nordhavn on the map. Speaking of owners using their boats, take a look at this issue’s customer status check in the e-newsletter exclusive Where are they now? This month we feature Christine Bauman, female captain extraordinaire who has lived up to her boat’s (translated) name “ocean wanderer”. Reading about her kind of makes you want to get up from your chair and do something.

Enjoy the spring!