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A Nordhavn tale of thanks and giving

Meet Don Kohlmann

Don Kohlmann is the sales manager of our Northwest Sales Office. An experienced and accomplished mariner, Don’s rich background in boats combined with his knowledge of the waters of the Pacific Northwest, not to mention his ability to serve as an unruffled, effective leader make him the perfect choice for the position.

Growing up in Northern California, Don Kohlmann started sailing with his father as a child. After joining renowned sailboat manufacturer Pacific Seacraft, he ultimately became general manager. While there, Kohlmann worked closely with PAE on the Nordhavn 40 project and was eventually tapped to head up PAE's Northwest sales office in Seattle, Washington, which opened its doors in September 2005. Since then, Don has brought much success to the northwest office and recently oversaw a relocation that’s proved more convenient for visitors wanting to inspect Nordhavns, as well as current owners needing assistance with warrantee or other service work.

Like all Nordhavn salesmen, Don loves his job and is very loyal to the brand and the people who invest in it. We sat down with Don to get his take on a few of the reasons he’s got one of the most coveted jobs in marine sales:

Q.  What makes Nordhavns such a great boat to sell?

A.  Nordhavn’s leadership in the passage making trawler class strengthens with each voyage.  The company has the ability to support current Nordhavn models and their owners and their exploits, while acting on extraordinary vision for future development.  The boats have a reputation validated in history that attracts interesting people with adventurous plans who are fun to work and spend time with.

Q.  How do you see Nordhavn owners as being different from other types of boaters?

A.  I consider boaters in general to be a friendly lot, but in addition, there seems to be an inordinate number of interesting and articulate owners in the group – just review some of their blogs and websites. 

Q.  What is the favorite part of your job?

A.  The boats are fantastic.  Running them is fun, and helping people get to know them in a process that often leads to real friendships, is very rewarding.

Q.  What do you see as the future for Nordhavn and the trawler industry? What effect will the economy have on both?

A  I’ve been in the marine industry for over 35 years now, and I intend to continue for a good long time.  I wouldn’t want to be with any other company in good times or bad.  The vision, and the talent and energy in the PAE group to act on it is, at times, astonishing.  The designs are functional and timeless – serving as a superbly capable vessel with which folks can be very self-sufficient and enable them to fulfill a lifetime of coastal or worldwide cruising ambitions.  Regardless of the economy, there are people who will want to live out their lives in the active, rather than, fetal position.  Nordhavn’s future looks bright and durable.

If you’d like to contact Don, he can be reached at


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