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Greetings Nordhavn fans!
Due to technical difficulties, we are resending our November 2009 e-newsletter. We apologize in advance if you are receiving it twice.
Build fearless, seaworthy yachts, and fearless, seaworthy yacht owners will come.
At Nordhavn, we are in the mood to celebrate. And no matter which coast you were on this past week, a fantastic gathering of PAE staff and Nordhavn owners could be found whooping it up. So what is it exactly that has put us in such a festive mood? Lately, there’s been a lot to rejoice over: the successful completion of daring adventures, namely the Great Siberian Sushi Run (GSSR) and Sprague Theobald’s journey through the Northwest Passage; the notion that perhaps the worst of this dreadful economic downturn may be behind us; and mostly, just a general appreciation of all the people who love their Nordhavns, and have helped to make the company what it is today.

On October 23-25, hundreds of Nordhavn owners, vendors and company employees took to Dana Point, CA for one amazing rendezvous weekend. It had all the makings of a typical rendezvous: delicious food, good entertainment, educational seminars, and great camaraderie. But what kicked this typical rendezvous up a notch was the heavy emphasis put on owner contribution. After all, the Nordhavn Southwest Rendezvous was the brainchild of Nordhavn 43 owner Kurt Antonius, who decided that instead of the annual Catalina Island gathering he coordinated with a half-dozen other local Nordhavns, this year the party should have a more organized flair with the hopes of enticing a lot more Nordhavn owners. Add to that featured speakers plucked from the Who’s Who of Nordhavn owners, a la first-time boat owners cum circumnavigators Eric and Christi Grab, and Ken Williams and Sprague Theobald of the aforementioned daring adventures. What could be more inspiring than listening to your peers talk about the cruising possibilities you have available to you?

On the other side of the country more adventuresome Nordhavn owners got together to enjoy each other’s company at the annual Nordhavn Owner party during the 50th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Once again, the GSSR was represented with Braun Jones who treated fellow owners to stories about conquering the Bering Sea. Meanwhile, the daring duo known as Scott and Mary Flanders took a break from world voyaging to re-connect with long-time Nordhavn (including many from the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally) friends.

Two of the principals of PAE, Dan Streech and Jeff Leishman, who were present for both of the fetes, could merely shake their heads at the conversations going on around them: serious accomplishments being made on board the boats they conceived and created. To these owners, all of PAE says, thanks. Thanks for being the proof in our pudding and the walk to our talk, so to speak. We know that other companies aren’t quite so lucky.

SW Rendezvous nordhavn 68FPH

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