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Nordhavn 55 Twin Engine

Family hopes to inspire new generation of
global citizens via Circumnavigation

three @ seaNordhavn is pleased to announce its partnership of Three@Sea Inc., a non-profit corporation developed by Nordhavn 43 owners David and Kathryn Besemer. The idea behind the Besemer’s organization is based on the “small world” theory – that is, according to the Besemers, “there is more that unites us in the world than divides us.”

The Besemers are currently in the Canadian Maritimes finishing up their year-plus long “practice run” before embarking on a planned circumnavigation during which they intend to share the beauty, experiences, and global cultures via modern teaching methods such as web videos, blogs and interactive maps, which can be found on their website

The couple was inspired by their 12-year-old daughter, Ayla, (co-host of’s Boat Kid Chatter) who became fascinated with oceans at an early age. Together with friend Simon, the duo formed a program under the Three@Sea umbrella called “Save our Seas”, a presentation aimed at school-age children that sheds light on the plight faced by the world’s oceans and offers steps kids can take to help. “The message is better heard when kids hear it from other kids,” says Ayla. “Save Our Seas” is designed as a multi-file video download off the Three@Sea website which can then be presented by a motivated youngster to groups of friends, clubs, classes or community organizations. “We believe whole-heartedly that kids can be a strong and positive force for change,” says Kathryn Besemer. “In demonstrating Ayla's passion for ocean conservation, we also hope to inspire other kids to discover their passions, and become involved in improving their communities, one small action at a time.  We look forward to sharing their stories as well to help inspire others.”

For PAE, the Three@Sea story is an especially compelling one. Adventuresome people using their Nordhavns to safely explore and see the world is largely what drives the company’s hardworking staff. But when a cruising Nordhavn is used as a platform to expose the public to a world beyond computers, televisions and pop culture, it adds a new dimension to the objective of building great boats. “This is more than just a wonderful seafaring family setting off on a voyage of adventure and discovery,” said PAE president Dan Streech. “It’s extending the same opportunity to others who might not have the ability to embark on such a voyage.”

The Besemers have spent the last year cruising over 7,000 nautical miles around North America to ensure they have the skills necessary to achieve their circumnavigation goal. Along the way they have amassed a significant fan base which accompanies them via their website. Three@Sea is scheduled to depart Florida December 1st en route to their westbound circumnavigation which they hope to complete in three years.

“I’m so happy that Nordhavn has joined us as a sponsor,” said Ayla. “Their amazing boat is what makes this journey at all possible for us. I think people will be interested to see what a normal family can do with such a great boat.”










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