Thinking about purchasing a Nordhavn? There's no better way to aid in your research than climbing aboard one to get a feel for the construction, layout, visibility, storage space, headroom, fit, finish and interior aesthetics - some of the key elements that make Nordhavns so desirable. We've got a terrific opportunity for interested buyers to get on board several different Nordhavns at the Nordhavn Spring Open House in Dana Point, CA this April.

Confirmed for display are a Nordhavn 43, 55 and 63 with potentially more models to be added. We'll also have a Toro 60 available for inspection. This Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) designed classic sport fishing yacht looks and performs nothing like a Nordhavn, but it does possess the same spacious interior and top quality finish Nordhavns are known for.

Nordhavn sales representatives will be available to answer any questions you have on the Open House boats or any of the models in our Nordhavn line.

The Nordhavn Spring Open House is taking place during the Nordhavn Rendezvous weekend which will give potential buyers a glimpse of the great camaraderie enjoyed by owners and the support they have from PAE.

The Open House is by invitation only and registration is required. RSVP deadline is April 26.


Saturday, April 28, 2018
10 am to 3 pm
Join us at Nordhavn Headquarters
25001 Dana Drive
Dana Point, CA 92629