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Nordhavn owners have logged thousands of miles under their keels and learned a thing or two along the way. While Nordhavns themselves are capable and equipped to handle anythng the seas can dish out, sometimes it takes a little more effort on the part of their passengers to achieve a similar level of preparation.

That's why Nordhavn owners in the know are sharing their tips with these how-to guides to help fellow cruisers become fully prepared to take on the challenges of ocean voyages - whether a couple hundred or a couple thousand miles long - and to help ensure they have the most enjoyable time possible. From pre-departure checks to watch-standing protocol, planning a Med cruising itinerary to simply how to make your boat your home, these guides were meticulously devised by Nordhavn owners, each of whom wished something similar existed when they were ready to embark on their first passages. As one Nordhavn owner says: "Information learned from others' experiences is priceless."

Living Aboard A Trawler (pdf)
Two-time Nordhavn owners John and Maria Torelli, who currently own a Nordhavn 40, are seasoned veterans on the challenges and benefits that come from living on board their boat. The adjustment going from home to boat is a big one, but John and Maria insist the transition can be relatively simple if you know what to expect as you enter into this new way of life. The Torellis put together a seminar on the topic "Life aboard their Nordhavn 40”. which they presented at Passagemaker's San Diego Trawler Fest event in January 2009. Liveaboards and wannabe liveaboards all clamored to hear John's cost-saving and sanity-saving tips. The wildly popular presentation is now available for all to see by clicking here.

Not to be stopped there, rumor has it that John, not a professional writer, has decided to try his luck at penning an informative book on the subject. Look for it later this year.
Strickly For Fun- Pre-Trip Information (pdf)
Salty Dawg - Goin' Fishing (video & pdf)
Goin' Fishing (video)
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Goin' Fishing (pdf)
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Egret - Mediterranean Cruising Guide (web pages)


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