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Ever Dreamed of Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in Your Own Boat?

Stop Dreaming

Join the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally 2004
Florida to the Mediterranean, May 2004

If you own an oceangoing motorboat and have always wanted to make the cross-Atlantic voyage to Europe, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime. During the summer of 2004, Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc. (P.A.E.), the designer and developer of Nordhavn oceangoing power vessels, will sponsor this unique adventure for a limited number of participants.

Please note: The rendezvous/departure point and dates for individual legs have changed.

Travel safely with constant support
In convoy and with escort support, a fleet of Nordhavns and other power vessels with oceangoing capabilities will sail from Florida to Gibraltar via the islands of Bermuda and the Azores. P.A.E. plans to staff specially selected Nordhavns to serve as escort vessels to lead and follow the group. The finest of the P.A.E. staff and associates will provide support to the fleet both at stopover ports and during each leg. During the voyage renowned circumnavigating yachtsman and TV/film director, Bruce Kessler will be accompanying the fleet to create a documentary film of the voyage.

The fleet will travel in two groups dictated by the vessel's speed capability and the owner's preference. Larger vessels may elect to travel at up to 9 knots while the smaller vessels will run slower, particularly on the mid-Atlantic passage. Departure dates for the two groups will be staggered so that the entire fleet arrives in port on approximately the same day.

The two groups will stay together with their respective escort vessels. During the day, vessels may run close together, sometimes closing to within 100 yards. During the night, in reduced visibility, or during periods of rough weather, greater clearance will be maintained. In no case should the fleet open up to more than 7 or 8 miles from the lead to trailing vessel, ensuring complete VHF radio coverage. The two groups may separate to two or three days running time, but will maintain SSB communication at least twice a day.

To participate, each vessel will be required to pass a comprehensive survey and inspection for condition and to meet minimum equipment requirements. In addition, participating yachts must have a minimum range of 2,500 nautical miles at 7 knots (with no fuel carried on deck) and carry a crew of four or more adults. The rally will be limited in size and may not be able to accommodate all the vessels whose owners want to take part, and P.A.E. reserves the right to disapprove any vessels or crew members from participating in this event.

Leg One: Florida to Bermuda
The fleet will rendezvous on May 10 for a week of preparations, seminars and more. On May 17 and 18, the fleet will depart on the 900-mile voyage to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club in Hamilton, Bermuda. P.A.E. staff will await arrival of the fleet and provide assistance with government formalities, provisioning and refueling. P.A.E. will provide technical and mechanical assistance as needed by members of the fleet, as well as acquiring and shipping any parts required. The escort vessels will inventory a wide variety of spare parts and have the tools on hand to deal with most problems that might occur. The fleet will enjoy approximately one week in port with numerous group activities planned.

Leg Two: Bermuda to Azores
On May 29 and June 1, the fleet will depart on the 1,800-mile passage to Horta, on the island of Faial, within the Azores Island Group. This passage will be completed by the larger Nordhavns in as little as 8 1/2 days while the smaller boats will take about 11 days. As in Bermuda, P.A.E. shoreside staff will be on hand to assist and welcome our fleet into port and to arrange for activities and fleet parties.

Leg Three: Azores to Gibraltar
On June 19 and 21, the fleet will depart from Horta on the last leg across the Atlantic into the Mediterranean and on to Marina Bay, Gibraltar, a distance of 1,100 miles. After lots of celebration and fun, the official Nordhavn Atlantic Rally will conclude with an awards banquet and a July 4th celebration for all hands, and each vessel will be in position to enjoy the Mediterranean individually or within groups.

Return shipping discounts
P.A.E. has negotiated discounted return shipping rates providing transatlantic shipping service from Europe to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The commitment will include multiple sailings, which can coincide with each individual's return itinerary.

Sign up for more information
Because of our desire to provide help and assistance to all boats and crew, we are setting a limit to the number of boats that can join us. Please contact us as soon as possible for more detailed information and your application package.






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