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Nordhavn Pet Adventure

Belle - Dogo Argentino (dog)

Name: Ann and Andy Evans
Boat name: Ithaka
Boat model: Nordhavn 63
Years cruising with pet: Three years (since delivery of the boat)

Funniest moment: Scaring away the Nicaraguan patrol boat who wanted to board us.

Most treasured memories: She always spots wildlife in the sea (whales/dolphins/seals) before we do. She is SO excited to spot wildlife she shakes and won’t let us even touch her.

Unexpected/unanticipated joys: The companionship and love of the sea. She is always excited when we start up the engines; she really likes being at sea.

Worst thing about traveling with pets: we don’t want to fly her in the hold of a plane, so we have to arrange a dog sitter on board if we want to travel home.

Best thing about traveling with pets: A constant companion. Security in sketchy, security areas.

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