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Nordhavn Pet Adventure

Bisquet – Mixed Breed (dog)

Name: Brian Hull

Boat name: Katie Jane

Boat model: Nordhavn 57

Years cruising with pet: Eight

Funniest moment: She found a flying fish on the deck, and bought in into the salon as a trophy.

Scariest moment: Jumped from tender to swim step, and fell-in. Strong current. My wife jumped after her, and then they both had to get back on board. 

Treasured memories: The night passages crossing the Atlantic. She would sense when the person on watch was going to have a snack, and then join them in the galley or pilothouse.

Unexpected/unanticipated difficulties: Keeping her calm in storms.

Unexpected/unanticipated joys: The company on a long passage of having a pet with you.

Worst thing about traveling with pets: Documentation/paperwork. However, we've never had any "real" problems. 

Best thing about traveling with pets: The company, and unconditional love that a pet provides. 

Advice: A small pet is OK, but I'm sure it would be difficult with a large dog. 

Other: Funny moment: Trying to land a reasonable size fish. She either wants to play with the fish, or eat it! 

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