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Nordhavn Pet Adventure


Flynn - Standard Schnauzer (dog)

Name: Scott O'Connor

Boat name: Cocamo

Boat model: Nordhavn 40

Years cruising with pet: Two

Funniest moment: Flynn jumped over the transom with leash and harness attached to center cleat aft while at the dock in St. Simons, unbeknownst to us.  His yelps alerted us to the fact that he was hanging out over the side.

Scariest moment: First time onboard, tied up to dock at Atlantic Yacht Basin.  Within an hour Flynn decided to jump to the dock, missed his footing on cockpit transom and hit the water under the dock.  Glenda and I had to pull him up by the skin to get up on the dock.  He might have figured out how to swim under the dock to the bank and crawl out...

Treasured memories: Flynn on the bow keeping watch, barking at the dolphins as they broke the surface, cruising alongside.

Unexpected/unanticipated difficulties: Flynn insists on an ongoing bark as soon as he hears the BT tested prior to docking.  He knows he'll get to "kiss" dry land.  But it makes it difficult to communicate between Glenda and I.

Unexpected/unanticipated joys: Flynn is a great bow lookout in the dinghy with his doggie life jacket, exploring the springs around Lake George on St. Johns.

Worst thing about traveling with pets: Fear that he is going to jump in to swim with the dolphins.  Or, the fact that he can hold his bowels for at least 32 hours!

Best thing about traveling with pets: He is a good dog on his own when we leave him on the boat to go ashore for an evening.  There's always a little lover boy aboard.

Advice: Make sure he is kennel trained and trained not to suffer from separation anxiety!

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