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Nordhavn Pet Adventure


Happy (14 yrs. old), Sam (7), and Mandy (7) – Border Collie, Boxer, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (dogs)

Name: Russell and Tammy Massey
Boat name: Sweet T 
Boat model: Nordhavn 40
Years cruising with pet: One & a half years

Funniest moment: When we take the dogs for walks in little towns we visit, Mandy barks at statues of people - something about them just isn’t right. 

Scariest moment: When we first moved on board Happy, who doesn’t have very good eyesight, fell between the boat and dock trying to get on board. 

Most treasured pet memories: We’re still in the making memories process and I don’t know that this is a treasured memory but, very early on while at a transient dock in Seattle, Mandy barked and woke us up in the middle of night. Russell immediately investigated and heard a dinghy engine speeding away. There had been thefts reported at the marina. Hmmmmm…..

Unexpected/unanticipated difficulties: Dogs get seasick too. They also take up a lot of room! It’s been a challenge to find room for their “things” too. Also, when in port we’re always on the lookout for theirbrand of dog food. 

Unexpected/unanticipated joys: The dogs are great company and make us laugh. 

Worst thing about traveling with pets: DOG HAIR - Always.  Dog.  Hair. 

Best thing about traveling with pets: People like dogs and many conversations are started with people asking about the dogs. They’re also great company on board. Our dogs alert us when anyone approaches the boat. 

Advice: If you plan on anchoring a lot and don’t want to always be searching for a place to walk your dog, train your dog(s) to potty on deck. Best thing we ever did. p.s. Dogs can hold “it" a LONG time so be patient and diligent in the training process.

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