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Nordhavn Pet Adventure

Izzy – Toy Poodle (dog)

Name: Lynda and Jim Frantz

Boat name: Albedos

Boat model: Nordhavn 52

Years cruising with pet: Three

Funniest moment: When Izzy cried to her look alike grizzly cubs to come play with her. see picture below

Scariest moment: When Izzy fell overboard without a life jacket.

Most treasured pet memories: Making friends with Bella the cat on Island Greeter.

Unexpected/unanticipated difficulties: None

Unexpected/unanticipated joys: Izzy helps crack Dungeness crabs which helps leave more crab for us than our guests. see picture attached

Worst thing about traveling with pets: Leaving Izzy aboard while kayaking.  see picture attached

Best thing about traveling with pets: Izzy snoozes a lot while underway.

Advice: Consider a smaller dog with a smaller foot print.  Izzy is eight pounds and does her duty on the "grassy" patch in the aft corner of the N52 poop deck.  

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