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Nordhavn Pet Adventure

Jarvis (dog)

Name: Norman and Clarice Gregory

Boat name: Salish Aire

Boat model: Nordhavn 46

Years cruising with pet: 1.75

Funniest moment: 

(Also see Jarvis' "blog" at http://ncgregory.larper.com/Chapter-Pages/Chapter%206%20Jarvis.pdf  part of our blog at http://salishaire.blogspot.com/) 


I think the time Jarvis did his usual run up the steps from the lower level to the saloon level only to recognize at the last minute that an open hatch was in the way.  When he slid in, the look he made was priceless (since that time he won’t come near open floor hatches).

Scariest moment: We still don't know if Jarvis floats without a PFD.  Since he really hates the water - I haven't done an experimental dipping yet.  When he goes in (which usually happens if he misjudges the jump to the dock) and has just his collar on, I fear that he will slip out of it and not recover.  Watching him in an older PFD a foot under water trying to get back to the surface (the PFD did eventually float him) is a scary memory.

Treasured memories: His pure joy of running free on an off leash beach.  Watching him "help" Clarice watch for shallow rocks at the bow rail.  Seeing his enjoyment of riding the kayak for "adventures".

Unexpected/unanticipated difficulties: Marking new carpet even though he is well house trained.

Worst thing about traveling with pets: As a live-aboard in a public marina, we can't just let him run free like when he had a fenced yard.  Finding doggy sitters when we go on an away from the boat vacation.  Worrying about him being in his crate too long when he has to be left alone.

Best thing about traveling with pets: Just watching him discover his new surroundings often helps me open my eyes.

Advice: The pre-teaching we did for the pee-pad before we moved aboard worked well.  He wasn't allowed into the interior of the boat until he recognized and used the pad so he seems to recognize the inside as "den" and the pee-pad as "other".

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