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Juneau – American Eskimo (dog)

Names:  Rick and Dorie Green

Boat name:  Driftwood

Boat model: Nordhavn 46

Years cruising: 14

Funniest moment:  Juneau would look through the housel to find her Dad (Rick) taking the dinghy off the boat deck to go for the first dinghy ride of the day… 

Scariest moment: We had arrived into Charleston, NC on the Ashley River. Dorie went to pay our docking fees and Rick stayed on board to wash the boat down.  Juneau jumped off the boat to join Dorie and landed in the water unknowingly. Rick heard the dog paddle while washing the boat. He quickly went below to scoop Juneau from the water. We were very lucky it was a slack tide, usually the Ashley River has quite a current…

Most treasured memories: Beach runs on Treasure Island, Bahamas. A Bohemian man said “Look, a snowball in the Bahamas!”

Unexpected/unanticipated difficulties: Certification of Health for Juneau to enter the Bahamas. 

Unexpected/unanticipated joys: Dinghy rides with Juneau!

Worst thing about traveling with pets: Leaving her behind in a kennel for six weeks as we came back to California for the holidays.

Best thing about traveling with pets: Juneau turned out to be the best cruising companion we could have asked for.

Advice: Teach your pet a special area on board the boat to go to the bathroom. Juneau will only go on the bow of our boat, which makes it very easy to clean up. Also, we never had to worry about being out to sea for days, because we knew she could take care of her needs.

Other: Dorie has started to write children’s stories about the life of the cruising dog called Juneau’s Journeys.


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