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Nordhavn Pet Adventure

MoMo (cat)

Name: Atle Moe & Kristina Thyrre

Boat name: Summer Star

Boat model: Nordhavn 57

Years cruising with pet: Four

Funniest moment: Whenever it gets rough our cat demands to take over one of our Stidd chairs in the wheelhouse. It beats having a seasick cat. We like to say that we own the most expensive cat chair ever :)

Scariest moment: MoMo got stuck in the lazarette of another boat and was gone for days before the owner of the other vessel found our cat in his lazarette.

Treasured memories: The list is endless

Unexpected/unanticipated difficulties: The fact that you are not allowed to bring a pet to England on a private vessel. We rented a car, left our Nordhavn in Belgium, took the Chunnel Train from France to England, and then went back to take our beloved Nordhavn to England.

Unexpected/unanticipated joys: We love going out and walking the docks with MoMo. And, also, he tries to make sure no birds poop on our decks.

Worst thing about traveling with pets: None 

Best thing about traveling with pets: People we meet after they see that we have a cat onboard. Our cat is a charmer and he helps break the ice when we arrive as strangers in a new harbor.

Advice: Read up on rules when going abroad. Get a pet passport.


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