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Nordhavn Pet Adventure

Oscar the Brave and Fifi the Shy (cats)

Name: James, Claire, Abi and Bianca Ellingford
Boat name: Pendana
Boat model: Nordhavn 62
Years cruising with pet: One year 

Funniest moment: On the odd occasion a fly makes it aboard Pendana, the cats go into hunting mode immediately.  That said, they do not go in for the quick kill but rather savor the moment and make it last.  It’s pretty funny watching them hunt the fly! 

Scariest moment on board: Having Oscar sit with his head through the scupper on the upper deck in heavy beam seas.  By the time he does come inside he is covered head to tail in salt!

Most treasured memory: Every minute of every day.

Unexpected/unanticipated difficulties: Honestly can’t think of anything other than maybe needing to vacuum a little more often. 

Worst thing about traveling with pets: The hair and Fifi does tend to be a little sick on the first day at sea.

Best thing about traveling with pets: Companionship and the girls love them so much that it helps enormously having them aboard on occasion. 

Advice: If you are cruising with cats then the Breeze Kitty Litter System is the only way to go. NO urine smell at all and I do mean none!

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