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Nordhavn Pet Adventure

Sandy – Yellow Labrador (dog)

Name: Larry and Marcia Crass

Boat name: Hale Kai

Boat model:  Nordhavn 43

Years cruising with pet: 4 Years

Funniest moment: When she lies down on the port settee and lays on her back, feet in the air like super dog!  Photo attached. 

Scariest moment: While on the dock at marina, she was alerted to a school of  bait fish jumping out of the water.  She got so excited she jumped in after them.  But the dock was pretty high out of the water and a good distance from shore.  We had to do our best to figure out how to pull her back up on the dock.  I finally (and nervously) grabbed her collar and was able to quickly pull her up on the dock without hurting or choking her.

Most treasured pet memories: We just loved it when Sandy learned quickly how to climb down onto our kayaks and would lie down while we were kayaking around the beautiful waters and shoreline. Photos Attached. 

Unexpected/unanticipated difficulties:  Difficult to get her to go #2 on the section of Astroturf we put on the bow.  She finally went after holding it for almost two days!

Unexpected/unanticipated joys: Sandy just loves meeting new people.  She gets so excited and even has a smiley face. Photo Attached.

Worst thing about traveling with pets: Teaching them to be comfortable with going to the bathroom onboard. 

Best thing about traveling with pets:  The love and companionship is just incredible and really increases our fun during the cruises. Photo Attached. 

Advice:  Get a yellow labrador!  They are friendly as hell and have a wonderful, loving personality. 


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