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Nordhavn Pet Adventure

Turbo - Giant Schnauzer (dog)

Name: Pat Thompson
Boat name: Maratime II 
Boat model: Nordhavn 46
Years cruising with pet:  Two years part time

Scariest moment: Taking her for a pee late one dark night and she fell between the boat and the dock. I caught her neck collar and hauled up the 115 lb dog, almost killed myself.  It could have been a horrible accident, but it taught me a lesson to be prepared and don't take the exit from your boat for granted. 

Most treasured memory: Taking him aboard the dingy and heading into a secluded area for a walk. 

Unexpected/unanticipated difficulties: If your dog is not groomed and clipped, when she swims she can come back and make a big mess aboard.

Unexpected/unanticipated joys: Their company when I'm alone on the boat.

Worst thing about traveling with pets: They can be a distraction when you are trying to concentrate.

Best thing about traveling with pets: Seeing her up at the bow as I steer the boat from the wheel house.

Advice: Purchase a proper retractable aluminum ramp. When you cruise you have no control where you may end up docking - be ready for anything. Also, if you have a big dog, make sure you carry a harness as I've had to use the boom a few times to get her on board. Too bad I didn't think to take a picture of that one.


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