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Nordhavn Pet Adventure

Zoey – Yellow Labrador (dog)

Name: Jeff and Sandy Raine

Boat name: Andiamo

Boat model:  Nordhavn 60

Years cruising with pet: Five

Unexpected/unanticipated difficulties:  For our awkward dog, some docks are more difficult to maneuver (off and onto) than a human would think.  Sometimes bribery is required!

Worst thing about traveling with pets: Going ashore quickly - is the very first thing we do, every morning we are anchored out, we just get up and go!

Best thing about traveling with pets:   She is a great walking companion when ashore and she is a conversation starter with other 'dog' people.

Advice:   Pets need a safe and secure place to be - when things get hectic aboard.  We loop a leash under a Nordhavn chair - she's not going anywhere! 

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