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Brad and Tracey Bauder purchased their Nordhavn 55 two-and-a-half years ago from salesman James Leishman up in Washington state, not knowing at the time just how drastically it would change their lives. In the time since they bought Gray Pearl, the young couple have been up and down the west coast from Canada to Baja, Mexico. The 30-somethings, who still oversee their business, recently recounted the change in quality of life their Nordhavn – and thereby, the whole Nordhavn team – has brought them. Sure, they are still working stiffs per se, but now they are relaxed, happy, life-fulfilled working stiffs.

To All at Nordhavn,

<em><em><em>Egret</em></em></em>Tracey and I just wanted to send a quick note to let you all know how much we appreciate you all individually and as a group. We have had such a great time at the owners rendezvous and the many nights at the Nordhavn bar! This boat that James sold us has had such an unexpected impact on our lives. We have had some of the greatest times of our life in 5537 Gray Pearl. We have spent the last 3 months in Baja, Tenacatita, Barra De Navidad and everywhere in between. The destination recommendations from Brian, Dave, James, Paul, Devin and Eric were all spectacular and time flew by way too fast. When we bought this boat we didn’t realize the whole Nordhavn package that we were buying into and the how it would show us that there is a another side of life. Prior to buying our 55 we only focused on work and somewhat neglected our relationship, health and adventurous spirit. The boat that you all did such a great job creating and supporting has given us a new and exciting life.

Today is Friday 3/28/15
-In my old life, Tracey and I would spend Fridays in a conference room discussing production schedules, employee performance, equipment problems, financial objectives and other mundane topics.

<em><em><em>Egret</em></em></em>-In my life on a Nordhavn, I woke up yesterday morning and watched a beautiful sunrise in North Mag Bay. Once I finished my coffee I warmed up the main and followed the whales with their new babies out across the bar and into the Pacific. After hooking up to a few Yellow fin tuna and loading the deep freezer I took a nap in the sun with a cool ocean breeze. Now its 2AM on Friday and I just finished my last cup of coffee out on the bridge deck, the flying fish chase our lights and the dolphins chase the flying fish. My wife Tracey is happier then I have ever seen and as I wait for her to start her watch, I just lean on the rail and smile. The Pacific is calm, warm and bright tonight and this trawler is humming effortlessly. I ask myself “Is there anything better than this?”

All of your individual and combined efforts have created spectacular vessels that have instilled confidence and a high quality of life into this operator. As a manufacturer I would imagine that you receive many emails from people complaining about issues or wanting something. This email is just to give thanks and express to you how important the P.A.E company is. Your products, service and support positively change lives. We hope to spend our life time trying to wear out various Nordhavn boats and moving up through your available models….

We look forward to seeing you again back in Dana Point for happy hour.

Brad and Tracey Bauder
M/V Gray Pearl

“In a Nordhavn the journey is the destination ”